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About Us

Furniture Removals SA - SAFR Group (PTY) Ltd is a collection of Long Standing Reputable and Trusted South African Removal Companies that have combined their resources, quality aspirations and code of ethics together.

Each company involved in Furniture Removals SA (The SAFR Group (PTY) LTD) have a common motivation to maintain a high standard of service delivery and each have a proven history in their regions or their specific national routes of focus.

The objective of providing the best possible service at the best possible rate can only be achieved if the leadership of the furniture removal businesses concerned are focused, invest in their staff well being + training and aspire to achieve optimal service delivery.

The company's selected under the banner of SAFR Group (PTY) LTD have already been working together for some time and have tested and resolved each others interpretation's and commitment to our quality of service delivery aspirations.


Once you’ve got rid of everything that you no longer want, then you can calculate the size of your inventory. This will help you figure out what size van you may need and will save you time.

Regionalised & Well Equipped Removal Teams

Each Company in Furniture Removals SA have:

• Been in the Furniture Removal for over 5 years or more.
• Have a focused regional infrastructure
• Have a national infrastructure with focused National routes
• Some National members are PMA registered (Professional Movers Association)
• All our members aspire to maintaining our own high standards and code of ethics
• All members trucks are insured in the event of accident, theft, fire and Hi Jacking
• All members offer ALL RISKS Insurance
• All our members trucks and teams carry blankets, strapping & protective wrapping as a compulsory starting removal requirement.
• All National Members offer share load removal services that provide great cost savings using available truck space on a designated national route.  This process is managed with an inventory and labeling of all items.

Furniture Removals SA (SAFR Group (PTY) Ltd) have their own dedicated consultants whom will guide you through the quoting process and book you with the appropriate furniture removal member whom will offer you the best possible price and service.

We look forward to your business!