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Packing & Protective Wrapping

Packing your household can be an intensive task and can easily result in confusion and the use of too many boxes, which has a direct impact on costs related to the move.

Packing your household contents, on the surface, can appear to be the easiest task related to your move but can be quite the contrary. Simple planning ahead, for instance, can save you much frustration and frenetic searching once at your destination.

Planning your packing is another of those tasks which you may only do a few times in your adult life, something we undertake every working day of ours. It therefore stands to reason that our expertise can benefit you no end.

We offer a Packing Service to ease the burden of a methodical and effective move. Consumables such as bubble wrap, tissue paper and packing tape are available to effectively protect the contents and seal the boxes.

Our Packing Service includes a Packer, Box, Packing paper, bubble wrap and tape to secure and seal your boxes.

Specialist wrapping is used for furniture items such as couches, mattresses and other soft and hard scratch-able furnishings.

Our experienced, trained and helpful packers are at your disposal to ease your burden, available to effectively package anything in your home.